Web Development


A website is the identity of an organization. An organization without a website is comparable to a person without a name!

As a corporate website reflects the true spirit of the organization, hence, it is suggested that you understand the complexities associated with the designing of a website and hence, could predict the difference in getting it developed by engineers V/s the professionals in the local market.

How a website is evaluated?

Just compiling the pages of a website would not make any website a success, there is a lot to be done:

1) Search Engine Optimization:

Apart from acting as a online brochure for your active clients, a website plays a vital role in attracting potential customers from the billions of users of the world wide web. The better your website gets ranked in search engines, the more potential customers will visit your website. Hence, it is required that the codes of the website are clean and are optimized.

Go to Google, search for "Free MMS", the number 1 website that it ranks (SeaSms.Com), like hundreds of other, has been developed and optimized by us for the keyword mentioned.

2) Code Time Complexity:

Loading Time is a very important factor for a website. If your website takes a considerable time in loading, it is loosing potential customers with every millisecond of delay. A potential customer would rarely wait for your website to load completely, instead, he would opt to move to your competitor's website and you will eventually loose the potential customer.

3) Google Page Rank:

Google Page Rank is Google's way of telling people how popular a webpage is. It rates a webpage on a scale of 10 based on how many good PR pages have linked to the webpage. Also, it is believed that the pages linked from a good PR webpage are listed faster in Google Search Engine than the traditional link submission method.

We will link your website from multiple webpages with good PR for a month, so that your website achieves a good PR and search engine listings at a faster rate.

4) Alexa Rank:

Alexa Rank is the Alexa's way of telling people how popular a website is. We will link your website multiple websites with high alexa rank.

BookmarkingWeb.Com, a portal owned by Micosys, like many others, has an alexa rank of 50k.

5) Server Speed:

The speed of the website interaction depends directly on the speed of the server. It is pretty easy to understand, a slow server will deliver webpages at a slow rate while a fast server will deliver them at a faster rate.

6) Content:

The content of the website decides the technology and the type of server which should be used. Using the same general methods and the general servers would actually lead to an average website.

The modules that should be installed on the server depends on whether you want a static website or a dynamic website or a complete MIS system over web. In case of database driven content, a highly optimized code is required so as to reduce the time taken by database queries and thus offer the end user with a fast interface.

Why We?

It is an obvious question. Well, because, apart from the websites we have developed for our clients, we own hundreds of websites and domain names. And we own them from the time we used to be a firm, i.e., since 200, we have the experience and knowledge which is required to make any website a success even without any advertisement or promotion.

As a matter of fact, till November 2009, neither SeaSms.Com, nor BookmarkingWeb.Com, nor other hundreds of websites that we own, was promoted or advertised. All the traffic of the website(s) has directly been fetched from the search engines and web directories.

We know what to do and how to do it.

What Others Would NOT Offer You:

i) Backlinks from pages that have high Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank.

ii) We will optimize your website for search engines for a given keyword for free.

ii) Engineering methods are applied to reduce time complexities and to simplify database queries.