SMS Gateway



We offer SMS Gateway for a multitude of applications. Again, we focus on customer satisfaction, so we have designed a standard Remote Access System based on the HTTP protocol.
Sending a message is as easy as calling an URL from your application or server-side scripts

Through the more powerful SMSC Servers, the SMS messages will be directly displayed, in a few seconds, on the mobile phones of the entire country's GSM networks, also in UNICODE (UCS-2 and UTF-8 concatenated to operators that currently support the), enabling the use of the characters of all alphabets, including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.

The service is designed for everyone: industrial and commercial companies, advertising agencies, associations and private users. The customer will be able to personalize the Sender ID and use all the 160 available characters.

Key Features

Unicode Support

Flash SMS

Picture Message


Business Card (V-Card) Messaging

Group Messaging: Send to Multiple Recipients at Once

Supports both Numeric (for CDMA) and Alphanumeric (for GSM) Sender IDs

Provide Delivery Reports

Supports SMS to both GSM and CDMA

Plug and Play: A pre-designed control panel and messaging interface for you and your clients to use.

API Support: Full API Support incase you wish to design your own interface and/or use the SMS in your applications.

What Others Would NOT Offer You?

Stay Safe: Does not deliver to DND numbers

Cash Back: Credits back the charges for the undelivered SMS.

White Label Reselling: You can resell our services under your brand name, your clients would never know that we are there at the backend.


User Verification via SMS: Use on web portals to prevent fake user registrations.


Notifications: Sale, Stocks, New Mail, New Notice, Short Attendance Notices to Parents, Bill Reminders, Insurance Reminders, etc.

Broadcasting: Group Messaging and Broadcasting Services