Working for Us

Geniuses of all world, Unite!
If you are innovative, willing to face the algorithmatric challenges and you have a passion for computers and related applications, Microsys is the correct place for you. We understand that innovation requires freedom. When we say freedom, we mean it. Would you be interested if like our 800+ employees, you get a chance to work for us right from your respective homes? Work from where ever you feel like, at the time that suits you the most and in the dress that makes you feel cozy. We would only be interested in the completion of the task given to you in the specified time duration, we won't bug you if you work only for an hour on a particular day or if you want a leave for 15 days at once! It would be YOU to decide when to work and when not to.

Jobs for Everyone

Whether you are an engineer or a cook, WE NEED YOU.
Post your resume and we will contact you shortly.

Immediate Openings

— Software Engineers

Eligibility :
Degree : BTech / BE (or equivalent)
The applicants should have a basic understanding and passion for the field for which they are applying. An online aptitude test and/or phone/personal interview may be scheduled for the selected applicants.

  • Php Programmers x 10 (Basic knowledge of C, PHP, HTML, Javascript, AJAX and MySQL)
  • System Programmers x 6 (Basic knowledge of C/C++ and Linux OS)
  • Robotics Engineers x 6 (Experience in Robotics, C and Programming Microcontrollers)
  • Windows Programmers x 8 (Basic knowledge of VC++/VB and Win32 API Calls)
  • 2D and 3D Game Coders x 10 (Computer Graphics in C, Maya, Win32 API Calls, DirectX, Flash)
  • Symbian Programmers x 2 (Basic knowledge of C and Symbian SDK)
  • OpenSocial Developers x 2 (Basic knowledge of OpenSocial coding, AJAX and MySQL)

Mail your CV at jobs@microsys-software.com