Application Development


Whether you are a multinational organization or an emerging firm, our teams will design the application, not only to complete what is mandatory but also to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.

The service is not only limited to the development. After sale, our software consultants will help you deploy  the software product in your business so that you get the most out of it and consequently, you get the best returns from your IT investments.

It is mandatory for a software to function properly and efficiently, especially, when it has to be power the business process of an organization. Hence, every application software that we develop goes through the standard stages of SDLC under the guidance of engineers expert in the associated field:

How a Software Application is developed?

Any software, big or small, goes through the process of Software Development Lifecycle, which consists of various stages:

1) Requirement Analysis:

In this phase, a team of well versed professionals interacts with the client to understand his requirements and the same is documented as SRS (Software Requirements Specification) for the project, which illustrates all the functional and non-functional requirements of the project to be developed. The SRS document is modified constantly as per the suggestions of the client and is finalized once it satisfies the client.

2) Design:

Our teams will prepare a model and plan for the project, based on the SRS document. Flow charts, DFDs, structure charts, database designs, etc are planned in this phase.

It is concluded which technology would suit the best to your requirements and the project is handed over to the experts of that technology to ensure that the development is carried out with the quality that Microsys promises

3) Coding:

This is the phase where the software application is actually coded.

4) Testing and Verification:

Once coded, it is tested from white box and black box to check if it meets all the requirements stated in the SRS and is able to take load and stress under critical conditions.

Once it is found that the system is stable and is ready to deploy, our ethical hackers will test the application developed for any exploits. If any are found, they are corrected and re-tested for the same to finally hand you over a really stable and efficient application.

5) Deployment:

In this phase, the software application will be handed over to you and a dedicated team will help you deploy it in your business environment to make sure you are getting the most out of the application.

6) Maintenance:

It just don't end up with the deployment. We, unlike others, do provide continual maintenance and support to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the product.

This all is done so that you do not have to "compromise" with the application and you get what you desire.

What Others Would NOT Offer You:

i) A systematic approach from the enrollment to the deployment of the application software.

ii) No More Compromises: Experts of every technology so that your application does not get developed by the people that are available but by the people who are experts in that technology.

ii) Continual support, even after the application has been handed over to you.