We are the Spark that you want to see in your business. With the total of 800+ freelancers, we have experts of all trades, all having rich experiences and exposure in their respective fields. With the support of such highly skilled engineers and technicians, it should not be very much surprising to read that within the first three months of our incorporation, reckoning from 25 June 2009, we have completed a considerable number of projects, launched numerous web based ventures, compiled our own distributed operating system, helped businesses to acquire #1 in search engine rankings and satisfied all our clients by providing better than what they were expecting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world, to change the way people think and to change the way people work. Every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world and its people.

Our Customer Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is reflected in how we have built our network, the services we provide and how quickly we respond to customers' feedback. Customer satisfaction has always been our foremost priority, probably that made us so popular among our clients.

I must say that this is an amazing e-atlas your company has created for SWaRA, UP. I would like to thank the Microsys team, well done and keep it up!

Hon. V.K. Bansal
and Head of Deptt.
Irrigation Deptt., UP

Aug 2009